Studio Tour

The new Waterfall studio has got everything we need. In addition to a rustique and homey atmosphere, a smashing new piano is in place, and our fender super reverb from 1973 has received a complete overhaul. The studio is designed for creativity, with a premier kit set up and ready for recording,  as well as a selection of instruments, including a vintage Wurlitzer, Telecaster, Jazz Bass and an assorted collection of synthesizers.

For recording and mixing purposes, we have plenty of vintage and modern gear available, including 4 channels of SSL compression, a vintage Lexicon Model 200 and the highly revered Neumann CMV 563. 

In the fall of 2013, we did some work with Raga Rockers and Di Derre, and in later years, we've made some new material with, among others, Ingrid Olava and our young, up-and-coming Matilda Gressberg. Exciting things are happening, come check out the genuine smell of woodstacks – real sylvan sound proofing!

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