Kai is the founder and CEO of Waterfall Music AS. He founded Waterfall Studio in 1984 as a newly trained sound engineer, and Waterfall Production in 1995, and has worked as a producer parallel with being CEO of the Waterfall group for over 30 years. His credits in the studio are plenty, ranging from the modern punk of Ida Maria, through pop acts such as M2M and S Club 7, to the classic albums of Satyricon and Raga Rockers. 


Odd is a musician, hit songwriter and producer, formerly signed to Atlantic Records as the drummer of Babel Fish. After achieving number one albums in several European countries, Odd went on to produce and write for countless Norwegian acts, including Montée, Maria Arredondo, Satyricon, Eva & The Heartmakers and Lucy Swann. With a string of hits to his name, Odd is now focused on the international markets, working with writers and artists such as Cass Lowe, Iain James, Jason Blume, Francesca Richard, Sam Swallow and Alan Sharland.


Truls is the newest addition to the Waterfall gang, and has been responsible for engineering most of the recordings in Waterfall Studio for the past year. He was headhunted by Kai among the music production students at the University of Oslo, for his comprehension of both music and business, while losing track of either. Truls has been making disco-tinged electronic tracks for the dancefloor for a long time, bringing the sensitivity of a DJ and an active listener with him into the recording studio.